IP/Sec/JC Maths Specialist: Mr Jackie Lee

* Former MOE scholar * ex-Top JC Math Lecturer * JC Guidebook Author

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Perfect Solution Education Group specializes in IP / Sec O-Level / JC A-Level Mathematics. It was founded by Mr Jackie Lee who is an icon in this field of knowledge and well-liked by many students. Mr Lee is described as a patient, caring, knowledgeable and passionate teacher. His teaching material is designed to help students develop strong conceptual understanding and equip them with effective strategies and methods that can be easily applied. Additional Mathematics can be named as amath, amaths, add math, add maths. H2 Mathematics can be named as jcmath, jcmaths, jc math, jc maths, h2math, h2maths, h2 math, h2 maths, jc h2math, jc h2maths, jc h2 math, jc h2 maths.