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2020 JC2
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14 Feb

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17 Jan

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About Me, Mr Jackie Lee

About Jackie Lee

Perfect Solution Education Group, founded by Mr Jackie Lee, specializes in GCE O-Level Additional Mathematics and A-Level JC Mathematics (H2 level). It was founded by Mr Jackie Lee who is an icon in these fields of knowledge and well-liked by many students. Mr Lee is described as a patient, caring, knowledgeable and passionate teacher. His teaching material is designed to help students develop strong conceptual understanding and equip them with effective strategies and methods that can be easily applied.

Before founding Perfect Solution, Mr Lee was awarded Distinction in Postgraduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education (Singapore). He was also formerly teaching Mathematics in Nan Hua High School, Anderson Junior College, Raffles Institution (JC) and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). In addition, he has accumulated more than 18 years' private tuition experience, coaching a wide spectrum of students, from extremely weak and math-loathing ones to those who are very self-driven and target nothing less than A.

With such an immense depth of teaching experience, Mr Lee has developed a secret recipe that is suitable to all students with different levels of proficiency in mathematics. In his teaching philosophy, there is no shortcut way of success. However there exists an expressway of success. Get aboard his high-speed vehicle, fasten your seat belt and Mr Lee will bring you to your desired destination with the minimum time and effort you need to spend.

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