2020 JC2 Term 3 Crash Course Lesson 4 Q3



What Mr Jackie Lee Says

I love this approach suggested by this student. Do check out how she breaks down the rate of change of y into three components and one of which (the middle one) is modified further via the use of reciprocal rule. This technique was tested in A-level and it is believed to have troubled many candidates. Do ensure you are the other group who survived. 😀

Jackie Lee

About Jackie Lee

Mr Jackie Lee is an icon in the fields of primary, secondary and junior college (JC) Maths and is well-liked by many students. He has 20+ years of experience in private tuition teaching maths, both online and in a classroom and was also formerly teaching Mathematics in Nan Hua High School, Anderson Junior College, Raffles Institution (JC) and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
His teaching philosophy is that there is no shortcut way of success.

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