6 Tips to Study Better

1. Have a Designated Study Space

It’s not easy studying at home with the constant distractions and lack of educational familiarity. The unavoidable ‘noise’ challenges our focus and concentration. Create a “study space” that is a comfortable environment, free from disturbances.

Some options of a study space could be:

  • Library
  • Cafe
  • Park

You could even create an area at home that mimics the school environment but make sure all possible distractions are minimized. The key is to create a condusive and motivational environment that promotes productivity so avoid lying down on a bed or a couch. Comfortable but not too comfortable.

2. Put That Phone Away

Social media notifications, friend requests and chat messages will steal your focus, especially since they are hard to ignore. Make sure your cell phone is
either switched off , the “do not disturb” mode is on or place your communication device in a different area so you can fully concentrate on your study materials.

3. Fuel Your Mind

Make sure you’re consuming enough water and food. You’ll be more alert when you’re not hungry and thinking about the next meal.

4. Stay Organized

Keep track of your time for study sessions. Make an “appointment” with yourself and keep to your schedules. You can use a computer or mobile app to plan and organize your time between study and completing coursework. Making and keeping track of lists daily will help you keep up the consistency and give you an overview of your productivity.

5. Review Consistently

Set aside time, either daily or weekly, to review notes and memorize vital information. The regular review will help in remembering the information long-term and the self-test will help you determine how much you are remembering and understanding.

During reviews, you’ll also be able to find out the areas where you may need additional help. Keep a list of things that you don’t understand and contact your teacher/lecturer for clarification. It’s always easier to remember things you understand.

6. Teach A Friend

The best way to learn is to teach. Teaching a friend or classmate will test your knowledge on the material. This can be quite challenging, even if you’re familiar with them material. Teaching will train and prepare your mind to explain complex ideas. It’s also a useful skill to have if you are required to make speeches or presentations.

Johann Alexander

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