Correlation and Regression will not be tested in A-Level 2020

It has been confirmed that the final topic in the syllabus, Correlation and Regression, will not be tested in A-Level this year. However, the exam format and the marks allocated for Statistics in Paper 2 Section B remain intact. With this, let me share with you the implication of this change.

This removed topic was traditionally a topic that students like it because they generally can score well. It is the most manageable among all the topics in Statistics. So such removal, in some ways, is not a good news. This will suggest that other relatively harder topics will be tested more. If the spectrum is narrower, then it can now go deeper.

As such, I will need to make some adjustments in the content and the timetable from May onwards. Don’t worry. You will be assured you are at good hands to bring you through this turbulent period leading to your A-Level. I am highly confident that this year cohort, where you are in, will soar to new heights. 🌈


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Jackie Lee

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Mr Jackie Lee is an icon in the fields of primary, secondary and junior college (JC) Maths and is well-liked by many students. He has 20+ years of experience in private tuition teaching maths, both online and in a classroom and was also formerly teaching Mathematics in Nan Hua High School, Anderson Junior College, Raffles Institution (JC) and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
His teaching philosophy is that there is no shortcut way of success.

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