How different does Gen z learn and study?

Members of Generation Z, those born between the mid-1990s and mid-2010s, may learn secondary math differently than previous generations due to the availability and integration of technology in their daily lives. Here are a few ways Gen Z students may approach learning secondary math:

Increased use of technology

Increased use of technology

Gen Z students are often more comfortable with technology and may prefer to use digital resources such as online calculators, educational apps, and math software. This can allow for more interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Collaborative learning

The Power of Teamwork

Many Gen Z students are used to working collaboratively and may prefer group work or online forums to learn from their peers. They may be more likely to seek out online communities and resources to supplement their classroom learning.

Visual learning

Learning in a visual way

With the rise of social media and platforms like YouTube, Gen Z students may prefer visual aids and video explanations over traditional textbook explanations. This can make concepts easier to understand and remember.

Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning

Rather than just memorizing formulas and procedures, Gen Z students may prefer to focus on real-world applications of math concepts. Problem-based learning can make math more relevant and engaging for students.

Overall, Gen Z students may approach secondary math with a greater emphasis on technology, collaboration, and problem-solving than previous generations.

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