This Week’s JC (H2) Maths Online Lesson Timetable Update – 27 May 2020

This Week’s JC (H2) Maths Online Lesson Timetable Update

Improve your JC Maths grades by attending this week’s JC H2 maths online tuition classes. We will be going through Maclaurin’s series, hypothesis testing and differentiation. We will be equipping you with all the key concepts and methods to excel and go from U to an A. Plus, the class will be taught by Mr Jackie Lee, who has 20+ years of experience and has helped thousands of students to excel in Maths.

Now that we are conducting the tuition classes in a virtual and live manner, it makes studying and revising easier. All you need for the tuition classes are a confortable environment, a computer or laptop and fast internet.

Sign up now by WhatsApp (9070 5626). Kindly state your name and the lesson you want to join. See you online soon!

Jackie Lee

About Jackie Lee

Mr Jackie Lee is an icon in the fields of primary, secondary and junior college (JC) Maths and is well-liked by many students. He has 20+ years of experience in private tuition teaching maths, both online and in a classroom and was also formerly teaching Mathematics in Nan Hua High School, Anderson Junior College, Raffles Institution (JC) and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
His teaching philosophy is that there is no shortcut way of success.

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