JC2 H2Maths Final Revision 2020

JC2 H2Maths Final Revision 2020

Perfect Solutions Education Group proudly presents our 10th intake of the JC2 H2Maths Final Revision since 2011 and is conducted by JC Maths Specialist, Mr Jackie Lee from 18 September 2020 to 30 October 2020

Course Overview

  • Discuss “must-know” questions that you shouldn’t miss
  • Empower you to ace “new questions” without any fear
  • 100% coached by Mr Jackie Lee with lost of study tips
  • Excellent record to turn past failure to success at A-level

In this course, we will be covering

  • Equations , Inequalities , Graphing Techniques , Functions
  • AP GP , Summation , Method of Differences , Complex Numbers
  • Differentiation , Maclaurin’s Series
  • Integration , Differential Equations
  • Vectors , Permutation & Combination , Probability
  • Discrete Random Variables , Binomial Distribution
  • Normal Distribution , Sampling , Hypothesis Testing

To register, please call / sms/ WhatsApp 90705626!

Course Venue

Classes will be held at out Balmoral Plaza branch at 271 Bukit Timah Road.

Johann Alexander

About Johann Alexander

Johann Rizal Alexander is the Perfect Solution Education Group's Digital Marketing Manager. He is passionate about technology, online solutions and digital marketing. He is an advocate for online tuition in Maths and History and encouraging students to tackle subjects by learning each online tuition subject as a language.

Find our more about Johann at https://www.webshopseven.com

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