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2019 JC2
H2 Maths Regular Lessons

19 Sept

19:45 - 21:45

20 Sept

19:30 - 22:00

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big is the class size?

Maximum class size is around 20.

We will try to open more classes to keep the class size small.

2. Is there any trial lesson?


You are welcome to go for a trial lesson at one-lesson fee $90.

3. Can I pay during the first lesson?

Seat booking is completed only upon successful fee payment on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, it is strongly recommended to pay up the fee earlier to avoid disappointment.

4. If I cannot attend the lesson, is there any makeup class?


You could possibly join other classes within the week. Simply sms/whatsApp to 90705626 to check the availability.

5. Is the lesson conducted by Mr Jackie Lee?


All lessons are conducted by Mr Jackie Lee, 100% guarantee or money-back.

6. Do you provide home one-to-one tuition?

Home one-to-one tuition slots are highly limited. Please sms/whatsApp to 90705626 to enquire.

7. Can I ask my own questions in class?

Of course. Please feel free to ask questions. You are also welcome to stay back after lesson for further discussion. In fact, No one should leave the classroom if still in doubt. Separate one-to-one consultation could also be arranged upon request.

8. I am / my child is very weak in Maths. How could you help?

Mr Lee's teaching is well suited for students who are typically poor in fundamental concepts and also careless in their workings. When Mr Lee designs his notes, he always emphasizes on the common mistakes weak students could possibly make. When he teaches in class, Mr Lee pinpoints the areas, labelled as "checkpoints", that students must pause and check first before proceeding any further. Early detection of mistakes could rescue them from a huge loss of time and marks.

9. I am a JC2 student, but some of my JC1 topics are weak. How could you help?

While you are attending JC2 lessons, you could possibly join the JC1 classes within the week. As such, you could start your revision much earlier than your peers, allowing you to have a smoother study path leading to the ultimate A-level destination.

10. I am taking H1 Maths. Is there any way I can join your class?

Sorry. Mr Lee only specializes in H2 Mathematics.

11. Is Mr Lee teaching very fast?

In general, the teaching pace is moderate, suitable to students who has no or little content knowledge to grasp the concepts easily. Mr Lee is very concerned about the mastery of the fundamental concepts as the process of instilling knowledge is accumulative. He discovers that many new students struggle in mathematics, due to the simple fact that they are lack of sound basic concepts. They have previously learnt mathematics in isolated pieces, without knowing exactly how each concept works together to accomplish certain tasks. Mr Lee sees the urgent need to rectify all these shortcomings in class. To achieve this, the teaching pace must be adjusted to a level such that students always stay on track, giving them opportunities to clarify any uprising doubts.

12. How do you cater for fast-pace learners?

Though fast-pace learners are used to be the minority group in class, Mr Lee does not overlook their presence. Instead, he always keep them on task by providing additional practice questions to satisfy their voracious appetite on higher-level questions. Fully worked solution is provided at the end of the lesson, facilitating instant checking and further discussion if necessary.

13. How special is your tuition from other tutors?

After more than 15-years private tuition, plus authentic school-teaching experience, Mr Lee has developed a strong expertise in teaching mathematics. He believes that every student has the potential to excel, given proper guidances and tailor-made resources. In addition, he invests heavily in high-tech teaching equipments so as to engage students in an innovative way. One of the latest inclusions is the installation of Smart-TVs, connected to a visualizer. This allows Mr Lee to provide live demo of performing certain tasks and students can see clearly how these can be done. Besides the stipulated lesson times, Mr Lee also helps students address their unique needs at individual levels after class. He is dedicated to mark all the students' scripts and keep track of each one's progress.

14. What is your key teaching strategy?

Mr Lee sees himself as a knowledge blender. His main role is to simplify intricate mathematical concepts for your easy mouth-open consumption. He adopts a very down-to-earth approach so that learning mathematics could be done in the most simplistic way. His teaching strategy embraces the understanding and application of key fundamental concepts, while keeping in mind of what examiners want to assess.

15. I see myself as a failure. How could you inspire me?

Mr Lee recalls his mathematics was once in the doldrums. He did stumble quite badly in this subject when he was in secondary two. It was a devastating incident to him. From that moment onwards, he worked very hard day after day and gradually developed a genuine interest in doing mathematics. There is an old saying that goes "If we did not have the failure in the past, we would not have the wisdom of today.". Thus, if you are now encountering some setbacks in mathematics, this is perhaps the perfect moment for you to pick up yourself and move forward. Given the fact that the majority of us might not be born gifted, our perservence and passion could however magically close up the gap that we were inherently short of. So plant your seeds of effort now and redeem your fruits of success in soon future. Hope that you have derived some forms of inspiration from the academic ordeal experienced by Mr Lee and let your past unpleasant encounters varnish in your memory. You are not a failure unless you totally give up yourself.