Perfect Solution Education Group (PSEG) mission statement is to achieve greater heights in mathematics and Mr Jackie Lee, the founder of PSEG, spearheads the Upper Secondary, Junior College and IBDP Mathematics tuition. We also provide IP / Lower Secondary and IB mathematics tuition, along with intuitive courses to help students understand difficult mathematical concepts to achieve higher scores in exams.

PSEG is also committed to making progress and ventures into new frontiers of Mathematical success by offering additional services such as online teaching, Mathematics competitions and Olympiad training.

The gallery images below will give you an idea of how each class is conducted. We have also hosted an event, preparing Junior College students for their upcoming exams by providing a crash course of mathematical concepts and smarter ways to approach difficult questions. This event was hosted by the founder, Mr Jackie Lee.

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Tuition Programme Overview


Private one-on-one classes
Customized based on student's ability

Tailor-made teaching
Personalized based on student's level of performance

Flexible timetable
Pick the slot that suits you the most

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Class discussion
Learning from each others

Peer motivation
Motivated and Inspired by elite students in class

Affordable fees
More friendly to your budget

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Attend anytime you like
Learn at your most convenient time

Unlimited watching
Watch recorded video lessons as many times as you want

Learn at your own pace
Can pause, digest then continue

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