MATHS DIGEST – Issue 2: Knowing and understanding concepts inside-out is one thing but what really matters is knowing how to apply the concepts appropriately to specific questions. The publication MATHS DIGEST is to address this practical situation many students are facing; How to apply the learned concepts to different maths questions.

In this issue of this series, a wide spectrum of topic-by-topic questions are carefully selected for discussion. There are an abundant number of useful exam tips with the sole purpose of helping junior college students improve their grades for the upcoming H2 Maths exams.

Issue Overview

  • Maclaurin’s Series
  • Unlock a key concept in the use of Self Dot-Product in vectors
  • Two useful methods in finding the range of a Composite Function
  • Improve your integration technique involving Standard Form
  • How to avoid common mistakes in Permutation & Combination
  • Explore Normal Distribution questions involving inequality signs
  • Unlock a common misconception in Correlation & Regression
  • Excel in questions with two rounds of Binomial Distribution
  • Solving simultaneous equations with Complex Numbers
  • Simple but practical technique in Rate of Change
Publisher Perfect Solution Education Group
Author Jackie Lee
Language English
First Issue In April 2017
Latest Issue In September 2017
Dimension A4 size
Number of Pages 20 pages
Price FREE
Available at
  • WhatsApp 90705626 to check availability
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