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Welcome to our page dedicated to student reviews of our math tuition services! We are thrilled to share with you the positive feedback we have received from our students and their parents about how our math tuition has helped them excel in their studies.

Many of our students come to us feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with their math studies, but our experienced and passionate tutors have helped them to build confidence, master key concepts, and achieve academic success.

Our tutors are committed to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions, exploring new ideas, and challenging themselves to excel. By working closely with our students and tailoring our instruction to meet their individual needs, we help them to achieve their academic goals and develop a lifelong love of learning.

If you are looking for math tuition services that have a proven track record of helping students excel, look no further than our center. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced tutors.

Below are what our students have said about their maths tuition experience, live lessons, lesson videos and the principal tutor, Mr Jackie Lee:

List of Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Mr Lee’s teaching and notes made me understand maths in a simpler way. Besides that, Mr Lee is very different from school teachers as he taught me shorter methods to reach the answers. If I had any doubts, he would also explain to me patiently, both during class and via WhatsApp after class. Finally, I got an A grade for maths in A-level. Thank you Mr Lee!

Testimonial 2

Thanks Mr Lee! I got A for math in A-level. Before I joined his class, I was very confused about many math concepts and didn’t know what was going on in school lectures. But Mr Lee managed to explain everything to me so clearly and his practice questions really helped. Really thank you so much for his efforts in boosting my math grade.

Testimonial 3

Before joining Mr Lee’s classes, I have never passed maths in school and it seemed impossible to me. Thanks Mr Lee! His patient teaching and comprehensive notes made me pass the first time while I was in JC2, and subsequently getting an A in A-level. I would not have though I could achieve such a great result. Once again, Thank you Mr Lee!

Testimonial 4

Hi Mr Lee, Thank you so much for your effective teaching methods that made math a lot easier for me to understand! The mini practice booklets with the checklists were also really helpful in revision. I was surprised I jumped 4 grades from D in prelims to A in A-level. The extra practice really paid off. Thank you Mr Lee!

Testimonial 5

I’m very thankful to Mr Lee’s guidance in helping me get an A in the A Levels. I was not doing well in math before I joined but he made me believe that I could reach my goals. The materials given were enough to give me sufficient exposure to different question types. And I’ve gained more confidence in math in which I was severely lacking before joining his class.

Testimonial 6

In school, the results I got for Math were from S to D. Though I joined Mr Lee’s tuition very late with only 2 months left, I was still able to benefit from his guidance immensely and finally scored an A grade in A levels. Thank Mr Lee for helping me with all the practices and detailed explanations. He is a great Math tutor in Singapore.

Testimonial 7

Mr Lee is extremely experienced and very patient and systematic in his teaching which made math a lot easier to understand. He even taught me tips and tricks on the graphic calculator so that I could speed up my calculations. Whenever I was in doubt or has questions, Mr Lee was always ready to help even out of class. In the end, I managed to get A within 2 months. Thank Mr Lee.

Testimonial 8

His unique style of lecturing and excellent selection of teaching examples as well as practice questions were extremely helpful. Before I attended Mr Lee’s class, I had troubles with me Mathematics. However, after attending his classes plus countless consultations, my grades started rising and I managed to clinch A in A-level! Thank you Mr Lee!

Testimonial 9

I managed to improve from E in Prelim to A in A-level within 3 months. The revision package was useful and the drilling of the topics in class helped me understand and know the question types better. The different ways of answering and approaching the questions gave me great insights and helped me change the way I think and answer. Thanks Mr Lee!

Testimonial 10

I attended Mr Lee’s lessons when my maths concept was still shaky. After attending his crash course on vectors, I decided to sign up for his classes. Through these classes, he taught me various methods and tricks to answer different question types. My grade improved from E in my common test to A at A-level! Thank you Mr Lee for being so patient and helpful.

Testimonial 11

Mr Lee showed care and concern during his lessons, having planned each session with progressive yet challenging questions. This helped me gain a better understanding of Math in general and helped me grasp concepts better. I am glad to have scored A in A-level as this is the best way, in my opinion, to pay back his hard work towards me. Thanks Mr Lee!

Testimonial 12

Mr Lee is certainly very passionate in his teaching. Although I joined really late, he clarified all my queries regarding concepts in various topics and gave me a list of commonly tested questions which granted me greater confidence before the exam. All his dedicated works allowed me to score A for math in A-level. Thank you Mr Lee!

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