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I managed to improve from E in Prelim to A in A-level within 3 months. The revision package was useful and the drilling of the topics in class helped me understand and know the question types better. The different ways of answering and approaching the questions gave me great insights and helped me change the way I think and answer. Thanks Mr Lee!

Perfect Solution Education Group (PSEG) offers various maths courses for IP, Secondary, JC and IB students looking to improve their maths exam grades.

There is no shortcut way to success, however, using Mr Jackie Lee’s tried and tested approach to understanding and mastering difficult maths concepts, he has given students an expressway to success.

Course Highlights

Below are some of the highlights of PSEG courses that students can expect:

  • specialised courses for IP, Secondary, JC and IB levels
  • are 100% conducted by Mr Jackie Lee
  • are taught from basic to advanced
  • are equipped with full set of notes with ample examples
  • have post-lesson self assesment quizzes
  • have take-home exercises with full solutions
  • share practical maths tips
  • showcase main essential concepts and shortcut methods to solving questions
  • unlock a hidden source of exam questions that can boost your performance

Join our current course and take note that there are limited seats per course.

Our Signature Courses

Maths Tuition Schedule 2022

Maths Tuition Schedule 2022

1 Jan 2022 to 22 Oct 2022

Buy and Watch 2022 Online Maths Topical Courses

Buy and Watch 2022 Online Maths Topical Courses

1 May 2021 to 31 Dec 2022

One-to-One Online Zoom Lesson

One-to-One Online Zoom Lesson

1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2022

How to register

How to Register

  1. Select Course & Lesson Code (if available)
  2. SMS / WhatsApp 90705626 with your details and selected Course/Lesson code(s)
  3. We will then advise you further to complete the whole registration

Tuition Programme Overview


Private one-on-one classes
Customized based on student's ability

Tailor-made teaching
Personalized based on student's level of performance

Flexible timetable
Pick the slot that suits you the most

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Class discussion
Learning from each others

Peer motivation
Motivated and Inspired by elite students in class

Affordable fees
More friendly to your budget

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Attend anytime you like
Learn at your most convenient time

Unlimited watching
Watch recorded video lessons as many times as you want

Learn at your own pace
Can pause, digest then continue

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