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My Paper is Singaporean publication that often covers student and school issues from Primary to Secondary to Junior College and from English to Maths

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Overcome mathematics and grasp the initiative

Overcome mathematics and grasp the initiative

Media | 19 February 2020

My Paper, 22 May 2015 数学在很多学生眼里, 或许是一门捉得到, 却难以摸清的学科。 能够将一堆数学公式 放进脑袋里,但从中适当地运用 在考题上,却显得一筹莫展,这 情况在高年级的数学犹为严峻。 有鉴于此,Jackie Lee Learning Center(又名Perfect Solution Pte Ltd)的诞生,正好为身处此 困境的学生,提供专业的协助。 […]

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