List of Testimonials

Mr Lee was very dedicated to teaching us the tips and tricks to scoring well. His practices were all extremely helpful, especially the compilation of questions by topic. Class was really productive as we were able to do questions and clarify any doubts immediately. My grade was a D in prelims and i managed to score an A for the final A levels. Thank you for everything
I never scored As for school papers. My grades progressively improved from an S in J1 mid years to a B in promos. Went through all the materials he provided leading up to As and used all the tips and tricks he gave us score an A for A levels.
Mr Lee's tuition is really helpful since it provides questions that are difficult and unique. He is patient in helping students and explains very clearly and concisely how to solve questions. My results jumped from E to midyears to eventually A in A levels
Hi Mr Lee, Thanks to you I got an A in Math!! I got a C for prelims and I was always really confused about statistics.. but your lessons really helped me to understand the logic behind certain concepts especially permutations and combinations! Your lessons were always organised in a simple but effective manner thank you for helping me achieve my A!
Mr Lee showed care and concern during his lessons, having planned and catered each session with progressive yet challenging questions. This helped me gain a better understanding of Math in general and helped me grasp concepts better. I am glad to have scored A in A-level as this is the best way, in my opinion, to pay back his hard work towards us. Thanks Mr Lee!
I attended Mr Lee's lessons when I was still shaky with my maths concepts. After attending his crash course on vectors, I decided to sign up for his classes. Through these classes, he taught me various methods and different tricks to answer different question types. My grade has jumped from E in my common tests to A at A Level! Thank you Mr Lee for being such a patient and skilful teacher who helped me improve so much in my math!
Mr Lee is a very patient and understanding teacher that helps the students in whatever way he is able to, and has very comprehensive notes that I can easily understand. This helped my grade to jump from a E i promos to a A in A levels! Thank you so much Mr Lee
hi Mr Lee, I got an A for math. Thank you so much for your effective teaching methods that made math a lot easier for me to understand!! The mini practice booklets with the checklists were also really helpful in revision thank you!! 9 PM I jumped 4 grades from D in prelims to A so I was really surprised but the extra practice really paid off thank you!
I'm very thankful to Mr Lee's guidance to helping me get the results I wanted to achieve, an A in the A Levels. I was not doing well in math when I first joined but he made me believe that I could reach my goals. The materials given were enough to give me sufficient exposure to question types and I gained more confidence in math in which I was severly lacking before I joined.
Thank you for always being very patient in explaining and repeating things when I don't understand, and for being so dedicated in consolidating notes and past year questions for your students. I managed to score A with your support so thank you!
Mr Lee certainly shows passion in his teaching. Although I joined really late, he clarified all my queries regarding concepts in various topics and gave us a list of commonly tested questions which granted us greater confidence before the exams. All the preparatoin allowed me to get my A for math. Thank you Mr Lee!
Mr Lee is a helpful and patient teacher who is willing to go the extra mile for students. His notes are clear and concise. This has greatly helped me in obtaining an A in the A level examinations, thank you Mr Lee!
Thanks to Mr Lee's comprehensive problems sets and easy to understand notes, my preparation for the A Levels was a breeze! He shared numerous tips and tricks for solving difficult questions, which came in handy in the A Levels. I learnt lots under his guidance, and definitely benefited from his lessons. Thank you Mr Lee!
Mr Lee's self-made notes were precise and clear that allowed me to understand the heavy contents much more easily. His unique style of lecturing and excellent selection of teaching examples as well as practice questions were extremely helpful. Before I attended Mr Lee's class, I had troubles with my Mathematics. However, after attending his class plus countless consultations via mobile phone, my grades started rising and I managed to clinch A in A level! Thank you Mr Lee!
After attending Mr Lee's lessons, my H2 math grade jumped from an S in MYCT to a C in prelims and subsequently an A in A Levels. His concise notes on each topic of the syllabus exposed me to a huge variety of questions and various methods to tackle them with ease. His A Level revision booklet was also especially helpful in lat minute practices. Thank you Mr Lee!
Felt really pleasantly surprised to make such drastic improvement in results. In school, the result I get for Math ranges from S to D. Thanks Mr Lee for helping me in terms of providing us with time practice and detailed explanations. Although I joined the tuition very late (2 months before), I was able to still benefit from Mr Lee's guidance immensely and finally acheieved an A for A Levels. Mr Lee is one of the best Math tutors around in Singapore.
Mr Lee compiles high-quality maths questions and separates them into different topics. I find that really useful as I could practise more on the topics I was weak at and sharpen my solving skills. Additional to the compilation, he stars questions he thinks will come out and I found it was really accurate. All in all the solutions were easy to understand and there are adequate practices provided to prepare me for A-level.
I was struggling with H2 Mathematics up until my J2 Mid-Year, which is when I decided to join Mr Lee's classes. Having joined his classes allowed me to have further practice and handle questions that I had not yet seen before in normal school examinations. Mr Lee provides detailed solutions for each question and explains them step-by-step. I eventually got B for my A levels, which I find is a reasonable grade considering how late I joined Perfect Solutions. Thank you Mr Lee!
Mr Lee has compiled an extremely helpful and organised set of questions with step-by-step solutions. He also recommends many useful shortcuts to derive answers more quickly. This eventually helped me to get from S in mid year exam to B in the A level exam.
Thanks to Mr Lee's comprehensive problem sets and easy to understand notes, my preparation for the A Levels was a breeze! He shared numerous tips and tricks for solving difficult questions, which came in handy in the A Levels. I learnt lots under his guidance,and definitely benefited from his lessons. Thank you Mr Lee!
I managed to improve from E in Prelim to A in A-level within 3 months. The revision package was useful and the drilling of the topics in class helped me understand and know the question types better. The different ways of answering and approaching the questions gave me great insights and helped me change the way I think and answer. Thanks Mr Lee!
i was getting S and E before i attended Mr Lee's class. After attending his lessons, which were really helpful due to his patience and knowledge, i managed to rise up from an E to a B.
Mr Lee's notes aided me greatly in getting my results, being concise and easy to understand. Mr Lee covered all types of questions for each topic, and his teaching was systematic and clear. This allowed me to learn and absorb well and thus, achieve a B grade for my A levels from my initial S grade.
Mr Lee is a passionate tutor who takes the effort to make sure students understand his lessons. Thanks to his patience, i managed to clinch a B in the A levels, which is an improvement from a consistent U grade throughout my JC life.
improved from a U to a B in A levels. Would like to thank Mr Lee for his guidance throughout. From explaining over whatsapp to answering my queries after class, Mr Lee did not once hesitate about helping me strive for the best in the subject. Thank you Mr Lee!
Mr Lee's topical lessons were very well structured as it not only enabled me to grasp the core concepts of each topic but also exposed me to a variety of questions. With the 1-1 consultations after class, mr lee patiently clarifies whatever doubts I have about any math questions.
Mr Lee's notes are very structured, and the sequence of questions (similar types together and in increasing difficulty) really helped me get used to the types of qns that can appear in each topic, and how to tackle them efficiently. There is enough repetition to make it stay in my memory, but not too many so that it becomes boring. The quizzes at the end of each chapter are quite fun to do and the scores we get the next week are quite encouraging. The number of revision questions were overwhelming, and the revision lessons nearing a lvls were a good way to ensure that i had a routine dose of math.
Hi, Thank you Mr Lee. Even though my results wasnt the best but i knew this is the best i could get at that point in time. You helped me familiarise myself with the necessary math skills and i really learnt a lot under your guidance! The crash courses helped me understand the topics that i wasnt doing well in, and the further practices were really helpful. Thank you for answering my questions promptly whenever i asked you via whatsapp. It was really helpful. Overall, your lessons aided me in achieving the best i could have and I would continue to recommend you to my juniors!
Mr Lee lesson has always been very clear and his notes includes many important concepts and question types that further allow me to internalise the once seemingly complicated math concepts. Furthermore his passion in teaching math and the amount of work he puts into compiling the top questions has motivated me to push to achieve greater math results. Mr Lee is also extremely patient and more than willing to answer in class and after class, therefore from the bottom of my heart he is the best math tuition teacher ever!! My grade has jumped from E in prelims to B in the A Level, and it was all thanks to Mr Lee's guidance and coaching that allowed me to make such huge improvement. Once again thank you Mr Lee!!
Mr Lee is a very caring and patient teacher who is willing to go the extra mile when explaining concepts. I joined him nearing my promos when I was scoring Es for my exams because I had a difficult time comprehending the lectures due to the fast pace of teaching in jc. Mr Lee's notes are concise and simplified which makes it easy for learning and revision. His formula book was also useful when I was preparing for A levels. The quizzes after each lesson also made me concentrate harder during lessons in order to score well. Mr Lee has helped me improve my grade from an E to a B and I'm very thankful!
Mr Lee's teaching style is really helpful for JC students who are struggling with studying for H2 maths. His lectures are easy to follow and motivated me to study harder. His notes are comprehensive, with a good variety of examples to give us a strong foundation in each topic, making them very good for revision. I really came to understand the topics through his lessons, rather than just memorising the method. During class, he was also very patient in clarifying any doubts that I had. After joining Mr Lee's class, my grades improved by a lot, from a U in J1 to a B at A levels! I'm seriously very grateful for all the help I've gotten, I think many students would benefit from his teaching method. Thank you Mr Lee!!
Before I joined Mr Lee's math tuition, I did not enjoy mathematics and struggled to understand mathematics concepts. Thanks to Mr Lee's patience and skilled teaching as well as his huge repertoire of exam questions, carefully designed notes and mastery questions, I started to understand and enjoy math and improved by leaps and bounds from when I started! Even though I did not achieve my intended goal, Mr Lee has been extremely supportive and I went from failing mathematics to even scoring full marks in my class test! I would strongly recommend Mr Lee's weekly classes and holiday revision classes to build a strong foundation in mathematics!
I managed to improve from E in Prelim to A in A-level within 3 months. The revision package was useful and the drilling of the topics in class helped me understand and know the question types better. The different ways of answering and approaching the questions gave me great insights and helped me change the way i think and answer. Thanks Mr Lee!
I'm a consistent C/D and occasional U student - my foundation in math (especially trigo) was poor since upper secondary. Mr Lee helped to show me shortcut methods to reach the correct answer and allowed me to understand the math logic - the linkages and ways to approach the question. He's an excellent math coach and super approachable. Thank you for helping me get an A in A levels
Mr Lee's class was very organised and it really helped me sort out the different kinds of questions that can be asked. The questions that he would give us is also very relevant to the syllabus. He was always very patient and will not mind staying back after class to explain to us the different concepts. He will give us timed practices and it was effective in helping me in my time management. He was always very encouraging which helped me to strive on even when i was facing difficult times. I only joined his class in J2 and i was scoring D for Math. But eventually with his support and help I managed to achieve the A!
Math have always been a struggle for me and I used to panic during exams. Even during CT1 I was still getting S grades so I decided to join Mr Lee upon a friend's recommendation. Mr Lee is extremely experienced and he was very patient and systematic in his teaching which made math a lot easier to understand. He even taught us tips and tricks on the graphic calculator so we could speed up our calculations. Whenever I was in doubt or had questions, Mr Lee was always ready to help even out of class. In the end, I manage to get A within a span of 2 months. Thanks Mr Lee.